A blowing heart

Our heart is always pumping even when we don’t realise it. If it ever stopped we would die. It is something we can’t even control, unlike wanting to stop breathing, we can’t stop beating by desire, it just simply happens.
A heart beat is like love, we can’t control wheatear someone loves us or not we can’t only help ourselves by loving people and hoping they love us back.
There is times when we want our hearts to beat so fast so we can listen to it as we sleep, but then we forget about it as we submerge in to deep dreams, just like those times when we fall in love and desire to be loved back but we forget that we are in love as we dream about how great it would be to be loved. And then, again, we want to go slow as we take deep breaths to feel safe, to feel under control, because when we though someone loved us we got hurt by the cold harsh truth as we realise they look for excuses to be without us rather than reasons to be with us.



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