Growing up

Most of our early years we spend them wanting to be older.
When you are five and you see mommy getting ready and you think, I also want to use make up!!! Or seen daddy fixing the car and being like ‘I can’t wait to drive’
Driving our parents insane because we couldn’t wait to grow up and they just wanted to keep us in our little toddle stage. My mom once told me ‘make up is just for old and ugly ladies’ I was like around 5 when she told me this, I am 18 and I think ‘I’m not old or ugly why should I use makeup?’
When we had that magical childhood it made us thought our whole life was going to be magical, then you become a teen and you realise this world is so messed up.
We change our soda can with a bottle of beer, which is not bad if you know your limits. What’s wrong with alcohol is that teens don’t know their limits and there are lots of parents that don’t even realise their teens get drunk. We don’t live like our parents used to. Going to a party, for us now, means getting waisted until you pass out when for our parents it meant getting together with some friends to listen to music and maybe having a beer.
I don’t know what it is like to be an adult but responsibilities are staring to hit me and I wish I was a kid again, I can’t stop wondering why I wanted to grow up.



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