A blowing heart

Our heart is always pumping even when we don’t realise it. If it ever stopped we would die. It is something we can’t even control, unlike wanting to stop breathing, we can’t stop beating by desire, it just simply happens.
A heart beat is like love, we can’t control wheatear someone loves us or not we can’t only help ourselves by loving people and hoping they love us back.
There is times when we want our hearts to beat so fast so we can listen to it as we sleep, but then we forget about it as we submerge in to deep dreams, just like those times when we fall in love and desire to be loved back but we forget that we are in love as we dream about how great it would be to be loved. And then, again, we want to go slow as we take deep breaths to feel safe, to feel under control, because when we though someone loved us we got hurt by the cold harsh truth as we realise they look for excuses to be without us rather than reasons to be with us.


Growing up

Most of our early years we spend them wanting to be older.
When you are five and you see mommy getting ready and you think, I also want to use make up!!! Or seen daddy fixing the car and being like ‘I can’t wait to drive’
Driving our parents insane because we couldn’t wait to grow up and they just wanted to keep us in our little toddle stage. My mom once told me ‘make up is just for old and ugly ladies’ I was like around 5 when she told me this, I am 18 and I think ‘I’m not old or ugly why should I use makeup?’
When we had that magical childhood it made us thought our whole life was going to be magical, then you become a teen and you realise this world is so messed up.
We change our soda can with a bottle of beer, which is not bad if you know your limits. What’s wrong with alcohol is that teens don’t know their limits and there are lots of parents that don’t even realise their teens get drunk. We don’t live like our parents used to. Going to a party, for us now, means getting waisted until you pass out when for our parents it meant getting together with some friends to listen to music and maybe having a beer.
I don’t know what it is like to be an adult but responsibilities are staring to hit me and I wish I was a kid again, I can’t stop wondering why I wanted to grow up.


Often we are placed in front of others, surrounded by faces, but not just that. Every face is an expression therefor a memory, a problem, a happiness or simply a though that is lost in the blink do an eye or kept for ever in the pupil of an eyeball.
We are surrounded by faces, faces of strangers that share, somehow our same life’s. Maybe, just maybe when we struggle another stranger is struggling for the same reason and maybe just maybe we are happy because of the same causes.
When we share a tear of pure glory and satisfaction, in the other side of the world, the other side of the street, or perhaps the other side of the room someone is feeling our same feeling.
At the end of the day it all comes to the face we look at in the mirror. The face I cover up with make up, the face you hide under an umbrella or that beautiful face that no one seems to understand.
We are surrounded by faces, lots of faces from strangers.